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Warsaw - Welcome at the Polish House

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Warsaw - Welcome at the Polish House
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Welcome at the Polish House

The Polish House is not a house as you would normally know it. It is an over 500 sqm big villa which will enchant you and carry you into another world. Is located in a developed area on the right bank of the Visstula River, 5 km from Warsaw's Old Town and centre. The villa is suitable for smaller meetings, conferences or dinners for up to 20 persons or even more in the summertime. During the breaks, especially in the summer, the garden (1 500 sqm) can be used by the participants.

The house is furnished in a modern style combined with some elements of the last century. Depending on the motto of the event, the decoration of the rooms can be changed. In this manner every event acquires its own charm. Furthermore the villa houses a small gallery of Polish art. These paintings are hanging on the walls throughout the villa. Some of them can be purchased. In addition, in the Polish House only home made traditional Polish cuisine is served. All dishes are prepared by the owner.

Musice live entertainment can be organised on request. It can be a singer from the Warsaw's opera, guittar duo or unplugged jazz group.

Moreover, the guests can use two floors of the house, where they can also stay during the event. A further uniqueness of this place is that the owner lives there with her family and you can see how they are living. Meeting other Polish people is also posible.

Consequently you will see that it is one of the most unusual and unique venues you have ever experienced.

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